Crisis Magazine is Online

Last week Crisis Magazine went live. The online magazine is an initiative undertaken by myself and Saskia Baas and the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re extremely thankful to all the authors in this first issue, which is dedicated to Syrian displacement. Here’s the magazine’s editorial mission:

Since the 2015 rise in migrant arrivals to Europe, the contested term, “migrant crisis,” has dominated political discourse on migration across European countries. Xenophobic sentiment is on the rise in many national contexts across Europe, reinforcing right wing narratives about migration and borders. Meanwhile, progressives have struggled to propose alternative ideological narratives.

What do progressive Left wing perspectives have to offer at this junction? 

CRISIS aims to critically examine the causes and wider implications of what has been called the “migrant crisis” by giving voice to soundly informed, politically progressive perspectives about its various manifestations, both in European politics and in migrants’ lives and countries. We are inspired by the etymology of the term, crisis – from the ancient Greek, krisis: a turning point that calls for decisive judgement. 

We see this moment as calling for deep re-examination of what solidarity, internationalism, and human dignity mean to us, today.

CRISIS will invite relevant scholars, thinkers, organizers, activists, and artists to make contributions toward informing and sparking debate among a Left wing-oriented, politically progressive audience. Consolidated efforts will be made to include contributions by thinkers from the global periphery, women, and minorities.