Guest Lecture on digital citizenship at University College Utrecht

The course takes this book as its main material

Yesterday I gave a guest lecture to a wonderful group of students at University College Utrecht, the same college I received my Bachelor of Arts from 15 years ago. It was a memorable experience for me, and the students had engaged questions about political communication and the social media dissemination of anti-immigrant sentiment, the meanings we attribute to different social media platforms in long-distance relationships, and the ethnographic research process in general.

The course was The Digital Citizen: Mapping Spheres of Change given by Junior Assistant Professor, Nina Köll. Here’s the literature we discussed in the lecture:

Introduction: Digital methods for the exploration, analysis and mapping of e-diasporas (2012) Dana Diminescu. Social Science Information 51(4) 451–458

Chapter 9: A Theory of Mediated Relationships (2012) Mirca Madianou and Daniel Miller, in Migration and New Media: Transnational Families and Polymedia, Madianou and Miller. Routledge, London and New York

Diaspora and mapping methodologies: tracing transnational digital connections with ‘mattering maps’ Donya Alinejad, Laura Candidatu, Melis Mevsimler, Claudia Minchilli, Sandra Ponzanesi, and Fernando van der Vlist (2018) Global Networks: Journal of Transnational Affairs, 19(1)


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