Feministen in Verzet (Feminists in Resistance) have a Facebook page now

That’s me and Catherine, one of the friends and kindred spirits who also spent time in a jail cell in Spijkenisse this January. The photo is from a piece about the International Women’s Day demo by VICE

This week we set up a Facebook page for Feministen in Verzet and showed up at the International Women’s Day demonstration in the center of Amsterdam to spread our flyer against PEGIDA and for an anti-racist, inclusive feminism.

Since Spijkenisse, we’ve had a great deal of support. From financial donations, to offers for legal assistance, to positive media coverage, to advocacy groups investigating our case, to speaking requests at panels and demonstrations, to random messages of solidarity, to people who want to get involved with our group, and even an offer to design promotional material for our future actions. It´s been incredibly heartening.

Later this month I´ll be speaking in Nijmegen on a panel about building anti-racist feminist strategies. Nijmegen also happens to be the place where PEGIDA supporters chose to hand out their anti-Islam flyers on International Women’s Day this year, making it all the more pertinent to be on a panel about the importance of resisting the hijacking of feminism by the racist right wing. So come check that out!



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