Fieldwork blog: The Amsterdam-Istanbul connection vs. The Hague-Ankara tension

A week ago I was in Amsterdam, preparing for a month of field research in Istanbul. That same moment happened to be a time of exceptional diplomatic tension between the Netherlands and Turkey. What did that mean for the Turkish-Dutch connections of migration and digital media I wanted to study?  Advertisements

Flying to Prague to present in ECREA conference panel on Digital Diasporas and Belonging in Europe

Anticipating giving my paper this week at the 6th European Communication Conference. You can find the panel details here. I’m happy to be presenting alongside my research team members for the first time! Doing some last minute work during my wait at the airport. And wondering what the media and communications crowd will think of our preliminary findings.

Digital Methods Summer School

Last week I completed the Summer School of the Digital Methods Initiative at the University of Amsterdam as part of the digital methods training of the Digital Crossings project I’m working on. It was an immersive experience in the world of “big data” researchers, tools, methods, and ontologies. We learned through a mix of keynote lectures, tutorial workshops, … More Digital Methods Summer School